Ballerup is a child-friendly municipality with safe institutions and schools of good quality. Whatever the age of your children, we offer great opportunities and solutions for families with children.

Our daycare facilities for children up to the age of five are split into five districts. You can get a place in a “børnehus” in the district where you live. You can also get a place with a municipal childminder, where your child is looked after for the day together with three other children in a private household. Childminding is an option if your child is less than three years old.

If you want to use a daycare facility outside Ballerup Municipality or want to find a childminder yourself, you can obtain a grant from the municipality.

You can reach Ballerup Municipality’s childcare placement department on 4477 2840 or by e-mail.

The Danish municipal primary and lower secondary school system (Folkeskole) is where children are educated between the ages of 6 and 16. In Denmark, children start school in the year in which they attain their sixth birthday.

In Ballerup Municipality, we have five primary and lower secondary schools, each serving its own district.


All children are assured of a place in the school district in which they live. If you want to enrol a child at a school, you should contact your district school directly.

In Ballerup, we also have reception classes for children and young people who do not speak Danish.

The reception classes are all located at Hedegård School. Reception classes are offered to pupils who do not speak and understand Danish well enough to be able to follow the teaching in a regular class within a municipal primary and lower secondary school.

There are no international schools in Ballerup Municipality. The Copenhagen area has a number of international primary and lower secondary schools with English, German or French as teaching language:

•                 Bjørn’s International School, Cph.:
•                 Copenhagen International School:
•                 European School Copenhagen:
•                 Institut Skt. Joseph, Copenhagen:
•                 L’école franco-danoise, Cph.:
•                 Lycée Français, Prins Henriks Skole, Cph.:  
•                 NGG, International School, Hørsholm:
•                 Rygaards International School, Cph.:
•                 Skt. Josef’s International School, Roskilde: 
•                 Sankt Petri Schule, Cph.:
•                 Østerbro International School, Cph.:

Note that most international schools are private and charge school fees. 

You have the option of enrolling your child in an after-school activity when they start their first year of primary school. For children in the first four years of primary school, it takes place at BFO (Ballerup after-school activities) which is attached to your child’s school. This provides activities, play facilities and interaction for two to three hours after school. Registration takes place via the school.

From their fifth year of primary school onwards, your child can become a member of a leisure club and, later on, a youth club when they reach the age of 14. Youth clubs provide leisure activities and interaction. It is a good idea to find out from the school which club sections are within the local area of the school, so that your child can be with their classmates.



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