Ballerup Municipality has attractive and diverse opportunities for cultural enrichment and leisure. These are supported by some very capable cultural institutions.

At Kultunaut, there is an overview of the cultural opportunities on offer. You will find a combined guide to theatres, music, exhibitions and the cultural events that take place in the municipality (

Ballerup Super Arena is Denmark’s only indoor bike arena and one of the country’s largest multi-use arenas. All year round, the modern multi-use arena provides the setting for a number of events at international level in sport, entertainment and business.

Baltoppen LIVE is the municipality’s big cultural centre, which presents touring professional artists, theatre companies and bands, bringing with them music (folk, rock, pop, jazz), the performing arts, modern circus, contemporary dance, traditional theatre, and stand-up.

The Ballerup Musik- og Kulturskole offers teaching for all children and young people in the municipality up to 25 years old. The school offers rhythmics, music workshops, instrumental lessons, and courses in song, computer music and study techniques.

Spillestedet Baghuset is the municipality’s small cosy live music venue, located in a warehouse in Reehs Kjøbmandsgård that is well over 100 years old. Its repertoire features a wide range of events, e.g. concerts, plays and reviews.

Ballerup has one large library and two smaller cultural centres. In the library and cultural centres, you can borrow books, movies, games and much more.

The Vognporten youth council centre is a central place for all young people in Ballerup. Young people decide for themselves how the centre should be run, what should happen, and how it is furnished. As far as possible, it is run by young volunteers.

Ballerup Museum is located in the old village of Pederstrup, where the farms with their thatched roofs are dotted around a small pond. The museum provides an insight into the local history of the municipality and daily life in Ballerup in the days when Ballerup was still a village. The museum has a special exhibition about the Grand Duchess Olga, who lived in Ballerup from 1930 to 1948.

Ballerup is known for having a wide range of artworks on display to the public. They have been created by an eclectic mix of leading Danish contemporary artists, together with some individual international pieces. Our art guide can provide you with an introduction to the works of art you encounter as you go about your daily business, or perhaps it will inspire you to take an art excursion to see the municipality’s landscapes and districts. 

Art in Ballerup


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