Moving to Ballerup

Why Ballerup?
Only 15 kilometres from the centre of Copenhagen, the city of Ballerup offers a variety of housing with direct access to open countryside and forests. The Harrestrup Ådal between Ballerup and Skovlunde is a recreational park area perfect for a run or walking the dog. In Måløv and the northern and western areas, Jonstrup Vang and its connection to Hareskoven have a rich wildlife, popular bike trails and cross-country skiing in winter. Ballerup has excellent road connections and five train stations through the municipality make for easy access to Copenhagen and its extensive public transport network.

Looking for a place to live in Ballerup?
Ballerup Municipality has a good mix of residential areas – whether you want to buy or rent a house or a flat. In some cases the municipality can help you find a rental property. 
Contact the municipality.
Moving to Denmark from abroad?
There are many things to consider if you are moving to Ballerup from outside Denmark. What you have to do depends on where you are from.
The official Danish site for foreigners is called LifeInDenmark – it has a section for coming to Denmark and a section for living in Denmark – we recommend you start there:
For more information and regulations on visas, you can go to the official portal for foreigners and integration: New To Denmark
The City of Copenhagen also has a comprehensive guide on what to do when moving to Copenhagen.
Expat in Denmark. Denmark’s first official national network for foreign professionals
International Citizen Service. Get most of your paperwork done in one place
InterNations. Copenhagen Expat Community
The Copenhagen Post. The Danish News in English
SBCI – Danish Library Centre for Integration. Find books in your language


Citizen service
at the city hall
Hold-an Vej 7
DK-2750 Ballerup

(+45) 4477 2000