Our international partners

Ballerup in the outside world – the outside world in Ballerup
Ballerup Municipality wants to explore the outside world to learn and make new contacts. Ballerup Municipality wants to bid the outside world welcome. Ballerup Municipality wants to be known for following an active, “extrovert” and development-oriented international policy, where the international aspect is a natural part of local authority operations.

A very important area here is education and learning. We have to make sure that children and young people are educated properly so they can take on the role of future international citizens.

We have to be ready to actively exploit the international dimension when it comes to the frameworks we as a public service provider offer the local economy.
With regard to the citizens, the municipality must create opportunities for one-to-one meetings with people from other cultures so as to promote respect, acceptance, openness and tolerance, and thereby contribute to a peaceful and democratic development, both in Denmark and the world at large.

Twin arrangements
Ballerup has twinning agreements in place with Prague 10 in the Czech Republic, South Lanarkshire in Scotland and Brandenburg An Der Havel in Germany. Over the years Ballerup has completed a vast number of different projects and exchange activities with these local authorities, mainly within schools and culture.

Who are our cooperation partners?
In Ballerup we place importance on sharing and developing knowledge and experiences at local, national and international level. Ballerup is a member of a number of international partnerships and has relationships with cities all over the world. Below you can read more about Ballerup’s international relations and activities.

Partnership with Wuxi in China
In May 2007, Ballerup, together with the neighbouring municipalities of Egedal and Frederikssund (its partners in the Bycirklen partnership), began a promising partnership with the Chinese city of Wuxi. This collaboration takes place within the framework of the agreement between Bycirklen and Wuxi. The main emphasis of the partnership is on education and training as well as on business development. More information about the Bycirklen-Wuxi relationship (in Danish) can be found at www.bycirklen.com.

Local Governments for Sustainability
Ballerup Municipality is a member of ICLEI – a global organisation for local governments that works for sustainable development. Membership of ICLEI gives Ballerup Municipality the opportunity to participate in international development projects and networks covering climate and other topical themes. For more information go to: www.iclei.org.


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