Ballerup is a leading municipality for business. It has Greater Copenhagen’s highest concentration of companies and jobs outside of Copenhagen itself. Greater Copenhagen is an area of interregional collaboration, bringing together the Capital Region of Denmark, Region Zealand and Skåne.

We have a diverse and strong business sector, featuring a unique mix of business types.

Ballerup has a particular concentration of companies in three sectors:

  • IT and Technology
  • Life Science
  • Finance and FinTech

Companies within these industry clusters attract national and international investments as well as emerging businesses. They can see the advantage of establishing themselves in close proximity to customers, competitors and business partners.  

The companies in Ballerup are knowledge-intensive and highly specialised. This means that the companies have access to knowledge of their own that can be brought into play to contribute to ongoing development and innovation in businesses, educational establishments and the municipality.

Ballerup is a municipality where education comes high on the agenda. We have the DTU Ballerup Campus, vocational education and training programmes, technical, commercial and general upper secondary schools, a production school and municipal primary and lower secondary schools.

This rich variety of educational opportunity helps knit our businesses and educational establishments closely together. It strengthens innovation in the companies and promotes the knowledge base, curiosity and motivation of primary and lower secondary pupils.

To assist businesses, we have developed the following networks:

  • Entrepreneurial network
  • Mobility network
  • Climate network
  • Skovlunde Business Park network
  • Facility management network
  • HR network
  • CEO network in Business Park Lautrup

All networks have Danish as their working language. Contact us if you are interested in belonging to a network or have ideas for setting up new cooperation forums.

In Ballerup, we want to develop a reputation for being a flexible and effective partner for businesses. That’s why we listen to the wishes and needs of companies.

Our business department, BusinessBallerup, acts as the point of entry for businesses to Ballerup Municipality. They are quick to help, so you will find it easy to run a business in the municipality.

Jette Rau

Director of Business

+45 41 75 02 20


Jette Rau
Director of Business

+45 41 75 02 20